Delegate time-consuming campaign optimizations to FruityAdvertising and focus on achieving your strategic goals.

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Delegate time-consuming campaign optimizations to FruityAdvertising and focus on achieving your strategic goals. We offer search, display, e-mail, and mobile solutions to help you achieve your ROI objectives and effectively grow your business.


  • Minimal-risk solutions. Advertise with pay per action
  • Good quality traffic from trusted publishers
  • Access to multiple media channels
  • Targeting. We drive audience relevant for you!
  • Ability to run your campaign across the globe
  • Help with performance, creative and targeting optimizations
  • Innovations. Performance marketers constantly discover new and creative ways to remain ahead of the competition. This innovation will result in your growth.
  • Dedicated account manager

Media Channels

Find the perfect source for your product including but not limited to:


Get cost-effective results from display advertising through FruityAdvertisings unique display media capabilities.


Over the years, email marketing has upheld its reputation as one of the most effective online advertising channels. FruityAdvertising proves this!


Search Engine Marketing remains one of the strongest performance channels in online advertising because of its ability to deliver your ad to a user at an ideal point in the sales funnel. Together with FruityAdvertising network of search publishers, we work with the biggest search providers including Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as smaller and local providers to ensure you get fast and targeted results.


The potential and growth of social networks is clearly significant. Gain traction with social media through FruityAdvertising´s social publishers and affiliates and benefit from our years of experience.


The mobile advertising channel provides advertisers and agencies with an arena built for performance, as made apparent by the billions of users worldwide who access the web, use applications, and make purchases through their mobile devices every day. FruityAdvertising´s mobile affiliates and publishers range from application developers to mobile site owners and media buyers specializing in mobile traffic.